Understand with MICA

Improve, organize and automate how your team reviews and understands the impact regulations have on your business.

Leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate your regulatory impact assessments and collaborative tools to improve how your team and you review, analyse and record your analysis of regulatory documents.

Understand regulations better with MICA today.

Solution overview

Annotate and collaborate

Annotate any regulatory document with your own analyses, then share these with your team members. Need to discuss further? Simply chat with them and do away with long email chains altogether.

Understand Impact Faster

Use MICA’s algorithms to automatically identify which of your policies and processes are potentially impacted by new regulatory developments and then compare these documents to automatically identify potential gaps for your review.


Have you had trouble finding someone in the team to translate Bahasa or Mandarin into English? With MICA, you get to translate foreign-language regulations into English at the click of a button.

Accelerating value

Compliance Registers

Automatically begin mapping your internal policies and processes to relevant regulatory documents in minutes by sharing these with MICA

Solutions for that next step

Manage regulatory obligations intelligently

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Assign, manage and monitor tasks and workflows more effectively

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Collaborate on any compliance project with anyone, anywhere!

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