Track with MICA

Track and access automatic regulatory updates from all of your preferred sources.

Access over 90 major legal and regulatory sources from over 30 jurisdictions around the world. Stay proactively informed of all the developments that matter to your business.

Automate your regulatory tracking with MICA.

Solution overview

Get Proactive

Whether its upcoming developments, new regulatory updates or press releases, with MICA, you get to track regulatory developments that matter to your business proactively.

Personalize Your Feeds

Only interested in banking or payments? With MICA, you get to personalize your regulatory feeds so you track the developments that matter to your business.

Superior Search

With MICA, you get a searchable database with rich search functionality making it easier for you to access the documents you want, from the regulatory sources you want from a single repository.

Accelerating value

Compliance Registers

With MICA, you get to build registers of key laws and regulations that matter to your business in minutes and use our automations to keep this updated automatically!

Solutions for that next step

Annotate and collaborate on regulatory documents.

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Accelerate your regulatory impact assessments.

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Translate foreign regulations at the click of a button.

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