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My Intelligent compliance assistant

As experts, compliance professionals help their businesses navigate through a complex and uncertain regulatory environment by advising on and proactively managing regulatory risk. To remain proactive in the face of the ever-increasing volume and complexity of regulatory changes, even experts need solutions they can rely on. Our solution MICA enables compliance professionals to address regulatory change proactively and makes it easier for them to track, understand and act on regulations.


Stay ahead of change with an automated and personalized regulatory feed


Accelerate your impact assessment with the power of Artificial Intelligence


Collaborate and implement regulatory change seamlessly


Stay ahead of regulatory change

With access to over 60 legal and regulatory sources across Asia-Pacific and counting, we help you to proactively keep track of regulatory developments that matter to your business through an automated and personalized regulatory feed.


Understand change better

With MICA, you don’t just get notified of a regulatory change, you get so much more. You now get to record the results of your impact assessment in a much more organized manner. To help accelerate your regulatory impact assessment, we use the power of artificial intelligence to help you identify all of your impacted policies and processes and more. Beyond this, we also help you perform more detailed analyses with side-by-side document comparisons to understand how regulatory obligations impact your internal controls.


Implement change faster

Once you have performed your regulatory impact assessment, you need to move on to implementation. The good news is that you no longer have to rely only on multiple emails and excel spreadsheets for this purpose. With MICA, implementing change is seamless. You can notify stakeholders of regulatory change at the click of a button, assign tasks to any team member, create action plans, customized compliance checklists and questionnaires, compliance registers and more. To make things even easier for you, we also scour the compliance world continuously to identify and create plug and play templates for you to use as you like! With MICA, you get to:

  • Record your impact assessment using our context cards and map any regulation, policy or process to internal systems, functions and controls.
  • Assign tasks to any team member relating to any regulation, policy, process or mapping.
  • Create Action plans, Customised compliance checklists/questionnaires, Compliance registers, shared databases of regulations or obligations and more.
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    Digitize your framework

    MICA helps make it easier and faster for compliance teams track, understand and act on regulatory change. Not only do you save time and effort, but with MICA, you also reap the benefits of a digitized regulatory compliance framework. All of your team’s intellectual capital invested in analyzing regulatory and implementing regulatory change is centrally stored on our platform and easily accessible at any time. Whether it’s the impact assessment performed months ago, or the exchange of views on interpretation, or the specific action taken by the team to implement a particular change, you will always be accessible a record of the work your team has done along with your centralized repositories of regulations and your internal compliance policies and processes. With MICA, you get to:

  • Maintain a centralised repository of all your key regulations and compliance collaterals.
  • Upload your own ‘private’ regulations.
  • Retain intellectual capital through time and employee transition.
  • Delivering Value

    Proactively manage your regulatory risk

    Improve your team's overall productivity by digitising your regulatory compliance framework

    Save hundreds of hours in time spent on manual processes

    Save thousands of dollars spent on external consultancy