Manage with MICA

Implement and manage your regulatory obligations more easily than ever before

Use MICA’s powerful workflow solution for multiple use cases from collaborating on tasks and projects to building and managing compliance checklists, assessments, reporting initiatives and more.

Manage regulations intelligently with MICA.

Solution overview

Obligation Management

Extract and assign obligations from regulatory documents or your internal policies to anyone in the business as checklists or questionnaires and track responses remotely.

Intuitive Task Management

With MICA, streamline your workflows and tasks with intuitive and flexible task management capabilities that come with automations, activity logs and integrated chat functionality.

Collaborative databases

Why use multiple excel spreadsheets and many more emails to collaborate with colleagues on compliance projects when you can use a single collaborative database with advanced permissioning to work with anyone on anything.

Accelerating value

Pre-built templates

Hit the ground running with our expanding library of templates that include compliance checklists, questionnaires, breach register, action plans, FAQs and more.

Solutions for that next step

Automate your regulatory tracking.

Personalize your regulatory feeds.

Get access to a powerful searchable regulatory database.


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