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Frequently Asked Questions

Our company name is RADICALi (pronounced Radical – eye) and it’s short for Radical Intelligence, which is what we aspire to achieve individually and collectively as a company.

It’s not really the age that matters – it’s our ability to understand and solve your problems that does. That being said, our company was founded in November 2018 and our CEO, Hardesh, is a seasoned compliance professional – which ensures our solutions are designed by compliance professionals for compliance professionals. We are a seed-funded company with backing from SeedPlus, a leading venture capital fund, SGInnovate, the Singaporean government’s deep tech investment arm and Entrepreneur First, the world’s leading accelerator.

MICA is the name of our solution and it stands for My Intelligent Compliance Assistant. Our long term vision is to further articulate and build upon the concept of a digital assistant for compliance professionals. In time, we see MICA being a member (and the best friend) of every compliance professional.

The process of managing regulatory change is complex, incredibly time-consuming and painstaking and costly as a result; and yet it’s a major part of any compliance teams’ mandate. Our goal is to help compliance teams become ridiculously efficient at managing regulatory change. This means with MICA, compliance teams get to save time, money and effort – so regulatory risk is better managed, team efficiency is significantly improved and the overall cost of compliance is reduced.

MICA helps compliance teams save time, money and effort by making it easy to track, understand and act on regulatory change. With MICA, you stay informed of all key regulatory developments originating from countries or regulatory sources you care about. Next, with our proprietary NLP and ML algorithms, MICA helps you understand how regulations impact your business while giving you the means to collaborate with your team on regulatory interpretation, analysis and mapping. Finally, MICA gives you the means to amend and update your internal controls or to assign and manage tasks for implementation purposes. Learn more by visiting our Product page.

We offer access to all major regulators in the financial services sector including central banks, stock exchanges and monetary authorities. Oh and yes, we also cover data privacy regulations. As of December 2019, we cover 55 regulators across Asia Pacific and our coverage is only going to expand in time.

Yes. We take data protection very seriously. We host all our services on Virtual Private Clouds and follow Identity Access Management protocols to ensure security in the cloud. We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and rely on their compliance standards for security of the cloud. The AWS environments that host our services maintain multiple certifications for its data centers, including ISO 27001. For more information about their certification and compliance measures, please visit the AWS Security Website.