Our content policies for AskMICA

Welcome to AskMICA!

Our goal with AskMICA is to build a community of peers to share knowledge and information to make regulations easier to work with for everyone. AskMICA is designed to function as a question-and-answer site for compliance, consulting and legal professionals. You can ask questions, find answers, access regulations and build your knowledge while being part of a community of professional peers. All we ask is that you help us build and maintain a wonderful community for everyone. To facilitate that, we have developed these content policies to help ensure that content on AskMICA always remains relevant and useful, in line with our mission. We will continually review and update these policies on an ongoing basis, so do make sure to check back from time to time.Enjoy your experience with AskMICA!

Our General Principles:

  1. Do the right thing:
    1. Respect community members. We will not tolerate any conduct that constitutes harassment, hate speech or advocates, supports or glorifies harmful actions.
    2. Be professional. AskMICA is intended to be a community of professionals brought together to facilitate knowledge sharing for professional purposes. Behave professionally and treat others as professionals as well.
  2. Be constructive and sincere:
    1. Our mission is to improve the general pool of knowledge for community members of AskMICA. As such, questions and answers must add value and improve the overall knowledge of the community. We will review content to evaluate if it sincerely and reasonably seeks to advance knowledge for the betterment of the community.
    2. Help make things better for everyone in the community. This includes helping to improve content quality by asking good questions and sharing good and useful answers, reporting issues, suggesting improvements and sharing your feedback.

Policies on questions:

  1. Questions belong to the community: On AskMICA, questions are owned by the community which is necessary in order to fulfil our mission to improve knowledge sharing for regulatory compliance. This also means that if you delete your account, the question you have asked will remain on our platform. Questions are anonymized by default. This means the identity of authors of questions will never be publicly associated with questions themselves.
  2. Asking questions: Keep questions simple and straightforward so that it can be easily understood and answered by others
  3. Deleting questions:
    1. Deletion by a moderator: If questions are found to be objectionable, they will be deleted by our moderators accordingly.
    2. Circumstances in which questions may be deleted::
      1. The question does not meet our General Principles.
      2. The question is not in English.
      3. The question is a type of spam.
      4. The question is not a question.
      5. The question is poorly constructed.
      6. The question is a solicitation of any kind, including legal advice.
  4. Requesting removals:If a user finds a question objectionable,, they can report the question for review by our moderators.

Policies on Answers:

  1. Good answers are constructive and sincere: They are written to increase the overall pool of knowledge for the community. The key characteristics of a good answer are as follows:
    1. They clearly answer the question that was asked.
    2. They are factually accurate and high quality.
    3. They constitute useful knowledge to a reasonable person.
  2. We promote good answers: Well structured answers will naturally receive upvotes from the community and the more upvotes an answer receives, the more likely it is that that answer will be widely disseminated for being useful.
  3. Deleting answers:If answers fail to meet our General Principles or are deemed to violate our policies by other users and/or our moderators, they will be collapsed an d if necessary, deleted.
  4. Circumstances in which answers may be deleted:If a user finds a question objectionable,, they can report the question for review by our moderators.
    1. The answer does not meet our General Principles.
    2. Plagiarism or copyright infringement
    3. The answer is a solicitation of any kind, including legal advice.
    4. The question is not in English.
    5. The answer is a type of spam.
    6. The answer is poorly constructed.
    7. Sockpuppeting

Policies on Topics:

  1. Users must tag relevant topics for the questions they ask. Topics are useful in providing context to a question. Tagging topics is really easy to do in AskMICA and users can already select from a pre-populated list of risk categories. The best tips for tagging topics properly are as follows:
    1. Capitalize appropriately.
    2. Use nouns.
    3. Use plural.
    4. Avoid ambiguity.
    5. Keep it short and succinct.
    6. Keep it relevant.
    7. Keep it professional.
  2. Inappropriate tagging will be subject to content moderation by the RADICALi team,

Policies on Tagging regulations:

  1. Similar to topics, users can tag a regulation from our regulatory repository to attach a question or answer to the specific regulatory document. Please ensure that relevant regulatory documents are being tagged for the purposes of your questions and answers.
  2. Inappropriate tagging will be subject to content moderation by the RADICALi team,

Policies on identity management & privacy:

  1. We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of our users and as such all users are able to post questions and answers using a pseudonym prescribed by us.
  2. As a matter of policy, we will not make your personal information publicly available when you post content on AskMICA unless you so choose. Similarly, we will not publicly associate your prescribed pseudonym with your personal information.
  3. We are offering users the option to use pseudonyms as it strikes a good balance between ensuring accountability for content that is shared with the community and giving users the option to preserve their anonymity.
  4. This anonymity is a privilege that should not be abused. Repeated violations of our General Principles and policies will result in consequences that include warnings, removal of content and being banned from our platform and our services.
  5. For more information on how we protect your privacy: please read our Privacy Policy.
  6. As a general rule, any content that is reasonably deemed to violate our General Principles and Policies will be removed from AskMICA.


  1. We take a strict stance against plagiarism of any sort. As such, all answers that copy or paraphrase content from other sources should:
    1. Attribute the source clearly.
    2. Clearly indicate the portions of the text which the text is being copied from.

Legal Information:

  1. Content is strictly for information purposes only:Content provided on AskMICA is provided for information purposes only with no assurance that the content is true, current or accurate. No action should be taken, delayed or deferred based solely on the content.
  2. Noo legal advice:Content posted on AskMICA in response to legal questions is not intended to be legal advice or form an lawyer-client relationship. The content on AskMICA is not a substitute for professional legal advice or a solicitation to offer legal advice regarding specific facts. If you believe you require advice, contact a lawyer immediately.
  3. Should you ignore this warning and transmit or share specific or confidential information on AskMICA, we have no duty to keep that information confidential or to discontinue or forego any representation adverse to your interests.
  4. Content posted on AskMICA is not regulated by any supervisory authority or association.

How we review reports of objectionable content:

We will evaluate reported content to determine if the content posted represents a sincere and reasonable attempt to advance knowledge on regulatory compliance in general. If it does not, we will endeavor to respond to the complainant and notify the author accordingly before removing the infringing content. If you need to contact us for support related issues, please email us at: support@radicali.io

Last updated on: 14th February 2021