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Deliver Certainty

In a highly complex and nuanced global regulatory environment, we help compliance professionals deliver certainty to their businesses.

Our Firm

We are a regulatory technology firm comprising of risk and compliance professionals, data scientists and developers and we exist to help compliance professionals manage regulatory change intelligently. With our solution MICA, we have combined the latest advancements in artificial intelligence with intuitive workflow tools to make it easier to track, understand and act on regulations.

In doing so, we help compliance professionals deliver certainty to their businesses.

Our Founders

Hardesh Singh

Co-Founder. CEO

Hardesh is a solicitor by background and has spent close to 10 years as a compliance professional, primarily in financial services and most recently as head of Group Compliance for a multinational corporation headquartered in Singapore. He has managed his own compliance consultancy previously servicing clients across Asia and speaks regularly on ethics and compliance-related topics. Hardesh believes tech can help tilt the scales back in favour of risk and compliance professionals everywhere.

Shubhankar Srivastava

Co-Founder. CTO

Shubhankar is a data scientist-turned entrepreneur, having more than 3 years of experience working with Machine Learning & AI models. He has worked in data science teams at billion-dollar e-commerce firms and VC-funded startups, impacting over a million customers with his algorithm designs. Shubhankar believes in channelling the power of data mining to disrupt the risk & compliance industry.

Our Investors