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If regulations run the world,

run regulations.

What gets monitored,

gets managed.

Compliance risk is an existential one for regulated companies. To manage this proactively, compliance teams must measure, manage and monitor how their businesses are meeting their obligations on an ongoing basis. But because this is a painful process, it’s been hard to achieve genuine compliance oversight.

Until now.

Compliance as a Service

We help you take care of the key basics via MICA , our powerful RegTech solution, and our support services, so you can focus on what matters.

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Digitize your program

Upgrade from spreadsheets and manual processes via:

  • Digital obligation registers to map key obligations, controls and stakeholders
  • Plug-n-play templates for policies and rulebooks
  • Customizable digital applications such as checklists, registers & questionnaires
  • Centralized repositories

Track & assess regulations

Automated horizon scanning and impact assessments.

  • Track changes from global sources on a near-real time basis
  • Regulatory feeds personalized to your business
  • AI-enabled regulatory impact assessments
  • Automated obligation detection

Act on Change

Implement regulatory changes easily.

  • Automated differencing and version control
  • Task manager with dashboards and automated reminders
  • Shareable annotations
  • Comments, translations, activity logs and more.
  • Automated alerts for regulatory reporting

Monitor compliance

Improve your compliance oversight via:

  • Automated quarterly compliance monitoring of key obligations
  • Digital attestations with activity logs
  • Includes compliance scorecards


with the power of


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Get Answers.

What is AskMica

AskMICA is our free community-based platform for you to

  • Find answers, ask questions and answer questions on regulations and compliance generally.
  • Engage with your peers to improve your knowledge and your compliance program
  • Keep track of regulatory developments and news for your sector.

A Solution for every Team

Assisting regulated firms with the essentials.

Don’t have a dedicated compliance resource? No problem. We can help you achieve the essentials of your compliance program.

Because we have automated most tasks associated with compliance risk management and can step in to provide support services as and when you need it, we are able to help you meet your obligations more easily and at lower cost. This includes tracking regulatory updates, maintaining your digital compliance register, performing compliance monitoring, assisting with general QnA and your reporting requirements.

The compliance function plays a strategic (not backoffice) role. With MICA in their corner, compliance professionals can now fulfil their true purpose.

As a powerful compliance risk management platform, MICA helps compliance teams move away from a fragmented framework of disconnected spreadsheets and documents to a digitized framework that improves compliance oversight. In addition, with key compliance tasks now automated, compliance teams have greater availability to focus on strategic initiatives knowing that MICA is taking care of the basics.

Enabling compliance teams everywhere.

Hear from your peers

A one stop digital solution

MICA is a one-stop digital solution that addresses most of our compliance needs. With MICA, we have been able to keep up with regulations from various regulators to improve and automate gap analysis and regulatory obligations more efficiently.

- Compliance officer, Portcullis Investment Office

This is a great initiative! Now we’ll have more insights and less guesswork.

- Compliance Officer, Major Payments Institution

This is going to make it easier and faster for us to manage regulations

- Compliance Officer, Payment Services Provider

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