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Deliver Certainty

In a highly complex and nuanced global regulatory environment, we help compliance professionals deliver certainty to their businesses.

Regulations are eating the world

The volume and complexity of regulations are increasing every day and so too are the costs of compliance and non-compliance


Legal & Regulatory sources we cover


Regulatory updates this week


Regulatory news updates this week

Manage your regulatory risk proactively

We combine the latest advancements in artificial intelligence with intuitive workflow tools to improve how regulatory change is managed today


Stay ahead of change with an automated and personalized regulatory feed


Accelerate your impact assessment with the power of Artificial Intelligence


Collaborate and implement regulatory change seamlessly


"An intelligent compliance solution built by compliance professionals for compliance professionals."

Key Features

Tilt the scales back in your favour


Regulatory tracking

  • With access to over 55 legal and regulatory sources across Asia-Pacific, with MICA, we help you to proactively keep track of regulatory developments that matter to your business.


Automated mapping

  • Instantly identify which policies and processes are impacted by new regulatory developments and perform automated side-by-side comparisons to see how specific regulatory obligations impact your policies and processes


Seamless implementation

  • Upgrade from emails and excel spreadsheets and go digital with Schema, our smart spreadsheets feature that helps you implement regulatory change across your entire organization seamlessly and to keep managing it after.

Delivering Value

Proactively manage your regulatory risk

Improve your team's overall productivity by digitising your regulatory compliance framework

Save hundreds of hours in time spent on manual processes

Save thousands of dollars spent on external consultancy

We enable the experts

As a regulatory technology firm comprising of risk and compliance professionals, data scientists and developers, we help compliance professionals in financial services manage regulatory change intelligently.

Hardesh Singh

Co-Founder. CEO

Shubhankar Srivastava

Co-Founder. CTO